Hey! This is our first game! Feel free to leave any suggestions or critics!

WARNING: Alt+Tab, or losing focus of this tab, may cause the game to crash or soft-lock. Browsers started throttling timers on background apps, nothing we can do for now. : /

This is just a teaser for a much larger project. Stay tuned for what's coming next!

If you wish to know more, come visit us at http://patreon.com/wandfully


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fun game

If this was still being developed, I would definitely become a Patron. I don't like that another game is being worked on. I don't even like Blair. This game hasn't had any update for almost 2 years. Maybe stick to the original content before splitting focus on other things. Hard to build sponsors when you got your mind on different things.

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This game is still under development, but we understand what you mean. Since it's a story about multiple characters and very focused on branching, we think that exploring Blair's side of the story is a nice thing. In the beginning, we had a poll that asked our patrons which branch should we do first, and Blair was the majority vote.

This particular version hasn't been updated because soooo much has changed regarding the engine and the graphics. This game is actually being remade, with newer graphics and mini-games.

Itch says that "no compatible downloads were found". Help.

Oh, my... Sorry for the delay. Missed the notification from itch.io.

This is not a downloadable game. It's played directly in the browser.